GDL Trading Ltd was established in 1972, and is a part of the Lordos Organisation which has been a major force in the Cyprus economy since 1936.

The GDL Trading Group is the leading wholesale frozen food importer and distributor in Cyprus with major shares of the market in all its products. We are proud to have gained the confidence of the market through consistency, quality, stability, keen pricing and excellent service.

The group owns ten storage and distribution centres throughout Cyprus, 8 of which also operate as retail outlets Wellgoods ( and two are highly advanced processing and packing factories. The distribution fleet includes about 60 vehicles serving all of Cyprus and the group through high automation and excellent productivity employs just 120 people.We also have a frozen food subsidiary based in Beirut, Lebanon, and export also to other neighbouring countries within the EU and outside.

GDL Trading is also in partnership with Agromarkets Ltd and Prinos chain of fruit and vegetable stores (, who are the leading vegetable and fruit companies in Cyprus.

The GDL Trading group is the clear market leader in the wholesale of frozen food products in Cyprus, and is growing substantially each year, particularly after Cyprus joined the European Union.

GDL Trading imports frozen and chilled products and distributes them through its subsidiaries, wholesalers, retailers, and to major hotels and restaurants throughout the island. High quality standards for all our products and respect towards our customers have always been a priority for GDL Trading aiming to offer always the best value for money.

The GDL Trading group is one of the fastest growing companies in the food sector in Cyprus, and it is moving confidently towards the future, ready to meet the challenges of a modernizing economy.